Our General Manager Justin speaks about how Venue Restaurant & Lounge has grown over the years. He has been with Venue since the doors opened and has seen first hand how we’ve never stopped improving whether you’re talking about the amazing food or the guest service.


The idea was to bring more of an upscale dining experience to the Lincolnites.

“Venue was started a little over 13 years ago in 2004. The idea was to bring more of an upscale dining experience to the Lincolnites here and the surrounding towns. Focusing on fresh seafood, beautiful steaks, and one thing we really prided ourselves on from the beginning was getting to know our guests. Not just as guests of Venue, but getting to know their families, getting to know everything about them, and just really making a personal connection. I do believe that is one thing that really sets Venue apart from other places. Us really getting to know our guests on a very personal and making that connection and making them feel at home. They are part of our family. In the beginning it was a tough road with being new, but we have grown exponentially over the last 13 years. We continue to keep our roots in tact but take that to the next level. Wherever that might be. Building on conference rooms so people can have events here. Building the catering kitchen, just taking the business to the next level. Giving more guests the opportunity to dine here on a regular business. Especially for the last 6 years, we’ve had the fun opportunity to work with a couple of owners who have an extensive background and can bring a different eye to the business and a different viewpoint than what we’ve been used to in the previous years. That allows us to broaden our horizons and use a broader brushstroke if you will, to touch on more things. Along with that, Executive Chef John Benton coming here about 5 years ago from the east coast out of Providence, that brought in an array of culinary delights. Things he got to play with every day that we don’t get to see here very often being in the Midwest in Nebraska. Bringing his fresh ideas and fresh food to establishment has been a big help. Not only that, the kid is a wizard and we learn from his every single day, which is a lot of fun.”

Executive Chef John Benton coming here…brought in an array of culinary delights.

Come in today to meet Justin and become a part of the Venue family. We will give you the great dining experience and incredible food that you can’t experience anywhere else in Lincoln, NE.

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